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Thanks so much for reminding us how impactful a smile can be. Even when we don't feel particularly happy in the moment, putting on a smile can help lift our spirits and bring joy to those around us.

The quote by Hanh is one of my favorites. So I will share one by that famous writer, Unknown "A smile is the shortest distance between two people."

And this quote taped to my hairdresser's mirror. "Your day will go in the same direction as the corners of your mouth"

Thanks for all the smiles your writing and photos have given me.

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I love this post, Kathryn. I agree with every word - smiling is so important and, as well as making us feel happier, can brighten the day of a stranger or passer-by. A long time ago, I worked with a personal development coach - she encouraged me to look at myself in the mirror and smile broadly. At first, I felt really silly doing this, even though I was alone at the time. She was right, though; it did make me feel more positive.

For a long time now, I have made a point of smiling at strangers and passers-by on my into town. Some people smile back, and I hope I've made a difference in their day. At other times, the person might not smile back, but rather than thinking they're being grumpy (as a friend commented once), I stop and think about what might be going on in their lives at the moment to cause them not to want to smile at someone they don't even know. None of us knows what's going on in other people's lives, but we never know - we might make a tiny difference in somebody's day. I like to think so, anyway.

I love your quotes and experiences of smiling, and I love that Michael Buble song, too. Thank you for sharing such a warm and smiley post. Big smiles for you 😊 Xx 💕

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They say a picture says a thousand words. but for me, a smile tells the whole story.

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Thanks Kathryn, for the sharing photos of life that are all around us.

…life takes a turn offering me another chance to grow, learn, and adapt.

Life offers chances and choices. When we make our choices, new observations discover the multitude of life to enjoy and inspire our life.

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Right outside your door, a whole world unfolding. We’re lucky you have a camera at the ready so we too can witness this wonder. Such magnificence! Great captures. Everyday is a day of letting go. We must move forward even if turtle steps. I love your insight. So deep. Thanks, sweet friend. I bless you. Xoxo

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Traveling to Asia has been the best way to gain insights into world history from another perspective.

We're so America-centric. I was surprised (and a bit ashamed) to realize our history is written to reflect our belief in our superiority.

Now I travel with an open mind.

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